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Dental health.

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Dental Health

1. Cleanings

Your dentist or dental hygienist will perform the teeth cleaning. This involves removing the tartar that develops in areas difficult to reach with routine daily brushing.During the cleaning process various instruments are used to perform tooth scaling, tooth polishing and debridement (removal of plaque and calculus that have accumulated on the teeth). These procedures remove hard and soft deposits which prevents gum disease and cavities from occuring.Daily flossing and brushing help prevent uns...

2. Dental Specialties

Oral and Maxillofacial SurgeonAn oral and maxillofacial surgeon is an orthopedic surgeon focused exclusively on the facial region, dealing with a range of issues including:Removal of impacted teethJaw joint repaired with TMJ surgeryJaw alignment or orthognathic surgeryRealigning of facial bones following facial trauma, such as a car accidentReplacing teeth with dental implantsHave a tooth extracted Repair of facial traumaDiagnoses and removal of facial, oral of jaw cystsFacial and jaw recon...

3. Emergency Care

When you have a dental emergency, you should call a dentist immediately – most dentists allocate time to emergencies and will see you immediately.The following tips can help preserve the tooth until your appointment:Knocked-Out Tooth – pick the tooth up by the top or crown and do not touch the root then rinse the tooth carefully. If possible, you should replace the tooth gently in the socket, otherwise place the tooth in a cup of milk or small container of water.Loose Tooth or a Tooth Out of Ali...

4. Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is naturally present in teeth and strengthens teeth while also preventing teeth decay. Fluoride exists in water, eggs, fish, meat and tea. Dentists recommend using toothpaste with fluoride and use fluoride in several dental treatments. Fluoride is very safe and poses no danger when used in the dosages your dentist uses.Prior to fluoride treatment it is very important to have clean teeth. Your dentist will polish away stains prior to treatment. Brushing with fluoride-containing toothpast...

5. Oral Hygiene

Dental hygiene or oral hygiene means maintenance of the mouth, teeth and gums. Oral hygiene is made up of at-home daily maintenance and regular visits to your dentist. The daily brushing and flossing you do at home combined with the professional cleanings provided by your dentist and dental hygienist will ensure you keep your natural teeth for a life time. The Dental Hygiene process…No matter how thorough an at-home brushing and flossing routine may be, calculus will build up on the teeth over t...

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