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Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

There are two types of whitening: At home temporary bleaching and permanent in-office whitening.

With at-home bleaching, we customize trays for you to wear at home that put teeth (but not gums) in contact with bleaching solution. This option offers results in about 5–10 sessions relatively inexpensively, though the degree of whitening can vary from person to person. Monthly touch-ups must be made to maintain the whitening.

For faster results, we also preform in-office whitening, which gives you a brighter, whiter smile fast! After preparing your lips and gums, your hygienist will apply a gel that gently penetrates your teeth, breaking up stains and discoloration safely, effectively, and quickly. This procedure costs more than at home whitening, but for many patients the immediate results are well worth it.

Some teeth cannot be whitened with either type of bleaching procedure, and in those cases we often recommend veneers which are porcelain laminates that cover teeth like a glove. Veneers can be used to whiten even the darkest teeth, and the shade can be as light as you like. The results last up to 20 years. See the Veneers section for more details.


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